Story of Anadol (The first Turkish Car) & STC-16 (Sport Turkish Car)

If you get a brand new information regardless of which area it is, you are most probably surprised and if you are such a person who is triggered to make more research pertinent to that info (person like me). In other words, you cannot stop your inner motivation.


The most recent book I read is the History of Anadol (Anadol’un Hikayesi in Turkish, originally). BTW, it was given and suggested to be read by my current General Manager:):)

It is the story of love, it is the story of a dream, it is the story of a passion. It definitely symbolises the Turkish Culture.STC-16 was designed and manufactured within a very short period and it worked. But soon after the gossips started to show the car does not functioning properly. Then it got lost and took its place in the shelves of history books… 


If I was not advised to read, I might never read this book and ‘d never even had an idea about the dream to have a Turkish Sport Car. On a bigger picture I’d not conclude lessons from history to shape future without repeating the same mistakes.Thanks to him for his advice.


Re the book:

It was years before Hyundai that Turks designed and produced a Car which is admirable and impressive.

the history of automotive industry in turkey started in 1928 (at least by the book) with Vehbi Koç’s founding the otokar and starting to be a distributor of Ford Motor Company.  

in 1956, Koç Ticaret A.Ş was the winner of the competition (“kind of like the best disti of the Southeast Asia”) and they met with Henry Ford II and submitted their plan to establish a mounting ins. in Turkey. Ford was not positive at first place and sought for guarantee from the government. With lots of endeavors, the efforts paid the price and the mounting factory was established.

in 1966, first “Anadol” was produced.

in 1973. first “Turkish Sport Car” was produced. 176 is the number of STC that was produced. 

in 1975, The first  Beach Buggy of the world was produced “Böcek” was produced. 203 is the number of STC that was produced. 

in 1979, “Çağdaş” cars were produced but they had never been in serial production. The same year otosan got certified for the production of the engines and other units of Fords in Turkey. This certificate was valid for 10 years. 

in 1985, Ford Taunus started being produced in Turkey and this undermined the dream of producing a Turkish car. Taunus was produced till 1993, then Ford Escort manufacturing started. 

in 2001, Gölcük factory opened.

in 2004, Gölcük and Eskişehir factories are selected the best factories of Ford out of 19 factories.

Anadol attended the Beijing-Paris rally and made 16K KM in 2010. What a success!!!

Long history, is not it? 

Will Turkey be able to produce 100% Turkish car?


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