MOOCs- Massive Open Online Courses

Imagine that you are a lecturer and you have 50,000 students. Yes fifty thousand students…

You may start thinking how can I fit all those students into a classroom. Actually, you do not need to…

As you may easily guess these students are online and they are watching your course online, via web, via tablet PCs, via smart phones and via all other devices connected to internet.

And ten point goes tooooo… Open you eyes fully. Listen to me carefully. Concentrate on me. These courses are FREE.

You pay nothing as an expense and it is not necessary to physically be in the classroom as I said which can save you a lot considering the travel and accommodation cost you’d have to pay otherwise.

The courses are vary, from business to computer engineering, from sociology to robotics. On average, approximately 30K students from various countries participated to a single course. With paying 40 USD- 50 USD depending on the course, you can obtain certificate. Most of your homework are evaluated by not the tutors, instead by your peers. You can have subtitles for English for all the courses and other languages like french, german, turkish, korean, spanish for many others.

Example web sites to get these courses include, but are not limited to of course, coursera, udemy, udacity, khan academy and edX.

Universities are rich also. Upenn, MIT, Harvard and many others around the world. Nearly all of the universities from Ivy League and many of the Russell Group members are providing lectures to such platforms.

So, time flies. Go for MOOCs:)

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