Singularity University

Solving humanities greatest challenges is the motto of the Singularity University.It is not to do with traditional technologies but the ones that are dramatically changing the human life.

To me, we have only discovered 5 of the world and less than 1% of the universe-Milky Way I meant. To reach 10% for the world and 2%-3% for the universe, a game changer has been wanted for decades and do not worry since Singularity is on the stage.

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Singularity is to shape future with exponential technologies. Singularity focuses on life-changing, breakthrough innovation. Technically, it is co-developed by NASA and Google which are the two adorable inst. of the 21st century.

To better understand singularity, I think one need to ask himself “How can I solve the problems of the next 1 billion people”. To be brief, Singularity or Tech singularity means when artificial intelligence pass human intelligence. In other words “MATRIX THE MOVIE”

Examples are very very diverse for the project carried out at singularityU. For more info, I strongly suggest o check their website.



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